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The Gary & Dani Show are a husband and wife duo based in Sioux City, Ia.
Our musical interests can be traced back to childhood, both playing
in orchestra in grade school. Dani sang in choir, both in church
and school during her high school years, while Gary focused more
on guitar and singing solo during the late 1970's to early 80's.

Then fate reared it's head!!
We had gone to the same church as children, the same high school later,
were a mere year apart in age, but had never met!
In July of 2003, we found ourselves working at the same auto store here
in Sioux City. We found we had many of the same friends, and Dani knew my
sister very well! Well one thing led to the next, and we started dating, and
were wed in August of 2004!

We started singing karaoke around the area, and Dani won the Showtime
Karaoke contest in 2011! Dani sang at Awesome Biker nights as a result.
To celebrate Dani's 50th birthday, I arranged for her to sing with
The Roadhouse Band, and from that point on, she was hooked on "Live" music.

In 2013, we formed The Gary and Dani Show, and started performing around the area.
We were first a staple at The House of Q, then branched out to many venues
in the area. Today, we perform in local venues, and as far away as Eudora, Kansas,
where we'll be enjoying our 3rd year performing at Eudorafest!

Thanks for stopping by our page, and be sure to check out our schedule.

Hope to see YOU soon!
-Gary and Dani

For booking and information:
Gary or Dani Tompkins
Phone: 712.255.6918
Email: Gary@guitarmans.com or GTSWoman@hotmail.com